My Name Is My Brand – Welcome!

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

  • Register your name, your identity, your brand as a domain name!
  • Redirect your name to your personal page in your company’s web site
  • Establish a personal email account or alias

If you sell for a living, chances are good that there are hundreds or even thousands of other people selling the same or similar product or service. Your competition might even work for your company.

So why do your customers buy from you and not one of your competitors when the products and services are the same? It isn’t just the price or the quality. It’s you! You are the expert, you provide the service, you answer the questions, you solve the problems. You are synonymous with your product or service.

Your name is your brand!

What’s In A Name?

These days, identity is everything! You have a cell phone, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, a Social Security Number, and the list goes on. But do you have an Internet Domain Name?

Internet domain names are going fast! Every day that passes increases the likelihood that someone else who shares your name will reserve that domain name for their own use. Once it’s gone, it’s likely to be gone for many years!

Owning your name in the form of an Internet domain is something that can be used for the rest of your life. Unlike a phone number or company email address, a personal domain name stays with you:

  • If you change jobs, you take it with you.
  • If you move to another state, it stays the same.
  • It’s your identity.
  • It’s your brand!

And it’s only $12.99 per year!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Click the button at the bottom of the grey box. This will open a new browser window. Enter your name in the white field and hit “Search.” The system will tell you whether or not your name is still available for purchase.

Remember, the “.com” is the most popular type of domain–it is the one people are most familiar with and therefore it is the most valuable. If your name is still available, then simply make your purchase. If it is not available, see our “What if My Name is Already Taken” section for help.

Important: Domain names are not case sensitive ( is the same as Also, you cannot have spaces in domain names! When checking the availability of a name, it is best to run the words together (e.g., While you can include hyphens (“-“) in domain names, it is best if you don’t. For a complete list of suggestions for selecting a domain name, see our “What if My Name is Already Taken” section for help.

What Are You Waiting For?

In the third quarter of 2019, there were¬†more than 359 million domain names registered across the world. Don’t wait any longer–reserve your name today, before it’s gone for good!

For less than $15 per year, you can make your name and your product or service one and the same. You can have your domain renew automatically every year, or you can register for up to ten years at a time.

Ready to set up domain forwarding or create your personal email account? Our free, U. S.-based tech support team is standing by 24/7 to help you get up and running!